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Susan Olynik

School Trustee

River East Transcona School Division, Ward 4


for your support and for electing me as your School Trustee for Ward 4 of the River East Transcona School Division.

I am honoured to have received your vote. Thank you also to the other school trustee candidates who let their name stand to serve in our community. I am excited to begin working for all residents, to ensure our children continue to receive a quality education.

Sincerely, Susan


I am running for School Trustee in the River East Transcona School Division, WARD 4. I would appreciate your vote on October 24.

I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Trustees as a parent, experienced business executive and active community member. Having recently retired from a provincial Crown corporation, I have the time to devote to this important role.

I have lived in East and North Kildonan all my life. I am married and have two sons who graduated from River East Collegiate. My husband and I both attended and graduated from schools in the division. My young nephews attend elementary school in Ward 4. I am very active in their lives and want them to succeed. I understand the education system today, and want to be part of the team that ensures children’s needs are met in this ever changing society.

During my sons’ school years, I was a parent committee member of the English Ukrainian Bilingual Program at Springfield Heights Elementary and Chief Peguis Junior High Schools. For several years I also volunteered at Gateway Community Club as a team manager for boys’ softball. With any volunteer position I undertake, I am focused on accomplishing the goals that have been set. I recently volunteered for the CNIB Manitoba as a board member and chair of the Eye on the Arts fundraising dinner and auction. During my time as chair we successfully raised additional funding for the CNIB.

I have the skills that are required to be a school trustee. I am passionate about wanting our students to ultimately live happy, independent lives, contributing to society in a healthy way. Students must connect with their teachings, be inspired, and understand what they have learned. All students have different needs and we must ensure that these differences are taken into account when individual education programs are developed.

I am a strong leader, understand governance principles, and how decisions are made. Effective trustees must be respectful, make sound decisions, be empathetic and have excellent communication skills. My employee engagement score (leading a team, working well within a team, strong communications) was one of the most successful in the organization where I worked before retirement. As a member of the executive committee I also participated in the development of strategic and business plans.

I believe that my strong leadership, communications, decision making, fiscal and governance abilities, will be an asset to the River East Transcona School Division. We are so fortunate to have a voice in defining our children’s education so they will be inspired, skilled and responsible citizens. I would like to be your advocate. Thank you!


Susan is very skilled on governance and communication. She works extremely well with people and will make an excellent school trustee.

Carolin T.

Susan was my boss for many years. I really enjoyed working for her. Susan is a strong and balanced leader. She is very smart and hardworking. She is also kind and empathetic and she is approachable.

Looking at the reviews, it is telling that Susan has left an impact on many of her former colleagues and employees. She is a truly wonderful and deserving person.

I highly recommend Susan for School Trustee. Any school division would be lucky to have Susan represent them.

Shelley C.

I have worked with Susan for 20 plus years and she is one of the kindest, understanding, and hardworking people I know. I highly recommend her for School Trustee.

Catherine C.

Susan Olynik has the passion and integrity to get things done. She is a tireless, big picture thinker. So lucky to have worked with this lady for 10 years.

Char T.

I was honoured to work with Susan Olynik for 15 years, and I can attest to her superb skill set, leadership abilities, attention to detail, and high ethical standards. Susan embodies good citizenship and she has a sincere desire to make our community stronger for the future of our children. Vote for Susan!

Karen H.

Susan will make a great trustee. She is fully committed and will serve her constituents in an honest, professional and caring manner if elected. A good choice for River East.

Jackie B.

Susan is honest, hard working and cares about people. She would make an excellent School Trustee. I would definitely give her my vote.

Ginny M.

I would like to recommend Susan Olynik. I have worked with Susan as a colleague many years ago and found her to be a capable and highly effective professional who is respectful and kind. I believe she would make a terrific trustee for the people of River East Transcona.

Craig J.

Susan is an excellent and informed leader who can balance the needs of students and parents with the future direction of the school division.

Bev M.

Susan is a close and valued friend. She is a person who has the courage of her convictions and can be relied upon to be both fair and use good judgement. She has demonstrated her capability in her past work life and family life. Susan is a person who gets the job done! I highly recommend Susan for the position of School Trustee.

Pat B.

Knew her growing up, she is a good, kind, caring person. Please vote for her.

Michael H.

Passion and integrity for helping children.

Garrod B.

Everyone out there with Susan Olynik running for school trustee in your area, please vote for this wonderful person. You will certainly be pleased with the results of her achievements.

Vivian N.


This is a very interesting article. A must read.

If elected as a school trustee, I promise to advocate for the citizens of River East Transcona to bring your concerns and issues to the Board of Trustees. I truly believe my strong communications, governance and leadership skills and experience will be of benefit to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your support!

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